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Breath is Life and Energy and to Trek is to undertake a journey that will require Effort and Commitment.  Yoga translates as Union; to bring together. 

We at BreathTrek are committed to offering experiences that bring life and energy to YOUR life's journey through connection with nature, a supportive community, respectful guidance and devotion to growth and learning.  

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C/O Julie Lain & Bill Amos

238 Main Street 

Johnsonburg, NJ 07825 

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Julie and Bill are very enlightened instructors, I have enjoyed yoga and meditation classes with them for many years. I feel very blessed to be able to continue my practice with their guidance.

~Cathy Z.

My Journey with Julie began when our lives intersected a few years ago at a Chair Yoga class. Having practiced various forms of Yoga for many years, I was at the point in time when my aging body and joints had undergone multiple injuries with restorative surgeries and even if I could get down onto the mat, chances were that I could never get up again! And so, Chair Yoga was my answer.. Julie was faced with a room full of seniors at various levels of Yoga practice and skills. . Her peaceful demeanor and pleasant disposition , coupled with her obvious knowledge and experience and of course her inherent level of patience , was exactly what we all needed as she expertly and gently guided us through the innate poses and moves of this” new yoga” practice. Always watchful and observant , Julie was able to carefully and cautiously recognize our individual strengths and weaknesses, and slowly, surely and peacefully coach each one of us to our individual best performance. Her love of the practice was obvious and her satisfaction in her career and expert teaching abilities were manifested each week. The class never diminished in number and in fact was increased by the end of the term. My favorite part was the beautiful, peaceful readings that concluded each class. Every one of us departed with a sense of gratitude and thoughtfulness as we strengthened not only our bodies but also nourished our souls , spirit, and energies. When Julie and Bill established their new BreathTrek studio there was never a doubt in my mind about being a part of this new venture. From Mudras to Mantras and Musings with a healthy dose of Meditations always included, Bill and Julie have covered every aspect. And the most satisfying part is that Julie is not just my Yoga teacher , she is my Mentor, Counselor, Advisor, Therapist, Philosopher and Narrator. How grateful I am that the Universe gifted me with that fateful meeting those few years ago. Breath Trek is an important and valued part of my Universe. To quote someone special to us———“There are no wrong turns, Only unexpected paths. “ I followed one and have never regretted the choice. 

~Carole D.

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