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Give the Gift of Experience, Adventure and Fun!

Are you looking for creative and "out of the box" gift ideas? Want to surprise someone with a gift they will not be expecting? One that is sure to create lasting memories and that they will be truly grateful for?  


Why not surprise them with: 

A kayaking adventure... A family or group personalized hiking trek... Private individualized yoga/meditation session(s) or a group/couples class? 


At BreathTrek we offer customizable gift "experience" certificates that capture your vision or choose one of our custom "experiences"!

We will collaborate with you to create the perfect experience for the recipient. Or let them create their own experience by giving them a "create your adventure" gift. SO many possibilities! 

Give the gift of Experience! 

Gifts of Experience

*3 hr. Kayaking Adventure ($150 for 1st person, $125/add'l person) Includes: boat, paddle, pfd

*3hr. Guided Hike ($125 for up to 5 people, add'l hikers $20/each) 

*Private Yoga/Meditation Session(s) (1 session $100, 3 sessions $255, 6 sessions $450 (sessions are 1hr and prior to first session will be personalized consultation)

*Group Yoga/Meditation Class ($100 for 1 hr class up to 5 people- you need to acquire a space/location for the class) 

*Create Your Own Experience- we will collaborate with you to create the perfect experience 

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