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Bill's   Yoga  Offerings

All Classes are held virtually on ZOOM unless otherwise noted

Bill's Studio Schedule

I teach at a few different  studios in North New Jersey and due to covid conditions these are all online (zoom) classes. You would need to sign up with the individual studios to attend. Please follow their links to check out what these beautiful communities have to offer. All of these classes are based on a Vinyasa style yoga which simply means movement. 
I typically use breathwork (pranayama) and  mudras (hand gestures) with the vinyasa flow to center and connect you with your body.  


Beginners/Lv 1: 11-12:15am

@Prana Yoga Denville, NJ.


Beginners Flow: 9:15-10:30am

@ Prana Yoga Denville, NJ.


Gentle Flow: 4:30-5:30pm

@Ananta Yoga Wayne, NJ.

Brave Yoga for PTSD

Trauma: 1. A deeply distressing or disturbing experience. 2. Physical injury. 
PTSD: A condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of injury or severe psychological shock, typically involving disturbance of sleep and constant vivid recall of the experience, with dulled responses to others and the outside world.
This is a community, a safe place, to heal and manage our PTSD and Trauma. For more information click here.    
Monday Evening Zoom Group Meditation geared for people with PTSD or any Anxieties. Follow the links below or email for more information.

About Bill



I never thought yoga would be a part of my life. I grew up in Northern New Jersey in a blue collar family, served in the military, and scoffed at anything esoteric. I had the opportunity to live in other parts of the country but eventually settled back in NJ in 2000.  Sometime in 2004 my love of the outdoors and continuous cramped conditions of kayaking brought me to the yoga mat to help overcome the minor inconvenience of tingly toes due to tight hamstrings.


After years of enjoying the physical aspects of yoga I saw that things were changing physically and emotionally, bringing me in closer to my thoughts so I started asking the right questions.  I found a deep struggle inside from a traumatic accident I was involved in years before that I could no longer hide from.  So I searched and found a teacher who had nothing to do with yoga. He told me that he could help me but I had to first help myself and suggested that I turn my irregular yoga sessions into a practice. The asanas (poses) started taking on a different meaning for me. These changes from a sporadic yoga class to a living practice became clear within a month so in 2014 I enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher course at Highland Yoga in Butler, NJ. I was only doing this to deepen my personal yoga experience but as the story usually goes; one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was teaching classes. Realizing for the first time in my life I had something to give to others through first hand experience I decided to embrace this and enrolled in the Ever Yoga 300 Hour Teacher training in 2016. 


Now I bring my life experiences, interests, and continuous studies to the classes that I teach. Through a personally challenging, well balanced, safe class I am here to assist you on your personal journey in any way that I can.


If you would like to see another facet of my life that yoga has a direct influence upon please visit my photography website at


If I can serve you in any way please reach out to


Have a wonderful day,


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